Policies & Procedures

Policies & Procedures

General Facility Policies and Procedures


At the discretion of management, the USTA PNW facility may close for reasons including, but not limited to:

  1. Maintenance, repair, and/or remodeling;
  2. Inclement weather;
  3. Holidays;
  4. Special or Private Events.

USTA PNW or facility management will communicate closures as they occur.



  1. USTA PNW owns all video, images and recorded materials it produces itself on facility grounds.
  2. USTA PNW reserves the right to use all video, images and recorded materials for marketing, advertising and other promotional purposes.
  3. Photography and videography are prohibited in locker rooms, restrooms, changing areas or other areas where privacy is reasonably expected.



  1. Restrooms are for facility patrons and their guests only.
  2. Children over the age of 5 are not allowed in opposite gender locker rooms.
  3. All Children 12 years and under must be supervised by a parent, guardian, or other supervising caregiver over 18 years old while in the locker or shower areas.
  4. USTA PNW is not responsible for any items left in the locker room. Please use at your own risk.
  5. Cell phones or other devices are PROHIBITED in restrooms or locker rooms.


USTA PNW will not be responsible for lost, stolen or damaged articles inside or outside the premises.



No literature, marketing materials or solicitations other than those posted by USTA PNW may be distributed on the premises without the prior written approval of the USTA PNW management. The bulletin board and electronic displays are available for member use only with USTA PNW written approval.



  1. USTA PNW welcome non-tennis participants as visitors, guest players and spectators.
  2. Visitors and spectators are defined as non-members on premises to observe tennis matches, lessons, tournaments or other programs or shopping in the pro shop during USTA PNW facility hours of operation.
  3. Guest players are defined as non-members participating in on-site events including, but not limited to, tournaments, special events and other on-court activities.
  4. Visitors, guest players and spectators are expected to exercise good behavior when watching matches or participating. Heckling, shouting, line calls, or misbehavior of any type will not be tolerated. Visitors, guest players and spectators exhibiting behavior disrupting the harmony of the facility will be instructed to leave the premises.
  5. Parents, guardians or other supervising adults are expected torefrain from making comments or coaching from the sidelines during classes and/or matches.



  1. Parents, guardians or other supervising adults are responsible for checking in their child(ren) at the time of arrival regardless of whether they choose to stay or leave during the child(ren)’s tennis activities.
  2. Children 12 years and younger must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or other supervising adult on the premises except while participating in a registered program, class, or lesson.
  3. USTA PNW will not be held responsible for the behavior of any parent, guardian or supervising adult or of any child(ren), whether supervised or left unattended at facility.
  4. Any child found engaging in disruptive or negligent behavior or causing harm to others will be immediately removed from the USTA PNW premises. The facility reserves the right to escort the child(ren) off the premises and to document, report, and/or permanently prohibit said child(ren) from entry onto the premises in the future.
  5. In consideration for the health and safety of others, please do not bring ill children to the facility. For the protection of other children, patrons, players and staff as well as your own child, please exercise best judgment.



USTA PNW facility is a designated smoke-free, drug-free, vaporizer-free and tobacco-free environment.



No animals are allowed in the USTA PNW facility. Licensed, certified and properly trained service animals are allowed in all public areas of the facility when assisting a member or guest.



OUTSIDE ALCOHOL IS PROHIBITED IN THE FACILITY. No food, drinks (other than non-breakable containers of water) or gum is allowed on the courts.

Court Usage Policies and Procedures


Proper tennis etiquette, language and good sportsmanship expected at all times. The USTA Friend of Court Handbook governs all behavior and rules of fair play. Failure to follow these rules of play may result in discipline, up to and including suspension or termination of USTA PNW facility membership. In consideration of others, use of cell phone and yelling is prohibited on the courts.



Inappropriate or disruptive behavior will not be tolerated, and may result in discipline, up to and including suspension or termination of the membership and/or exclusion from any USTA PNW facility. A verbal warning and explanation of the rules that were violated may be given, but is not required. The incident will be logged and tracked in the member database.



  1. USTA PNW retains the right to suspend or terminate a membership or remove any person from the premises for any egregious behavior or any conduct disrupting the harmony of the facility or endangering others, including but not limited to the following:
  2. Defiance – unwillingness to correct behavior when asked by a member of the staff.
  3. Disrespect towards staff, members and/or guests.
  4. Abuse of equipment such as, but not limited to:
    1. Racquet or ball abuse;
    2. Abuse of any facility property, such as tennis nets, net posts, divider curtains, backdrop curtains, ball carts, training aids, ball machines, etc.
  5. Egregious or Unlawful Behavior includes but is not limited to:
    1. Assisting or leading an unauthorized entry on the premises;
    2. Vandalism of any kind to USTA PNW real or personal property;
    3. Violence or threats of violence of any type;
    4. Any act which necessitates intervention by law enforcement.
  6. Consequences of Inappropriate or Disruptive Behavior:
    1. Offenders may be removed from activity immediately without warning;
    2. If an offender is under 18, his or her parents/guardians will be immediately notified;
    3. A suspension of the individual’s membership may be issued. Spectators, guests or other non-members or guests may be refused entry to the facility in the future;
    4. The incident will be logged in the member, guest or participant databases.
  7. Consequences for Egregious or Unlawful behavior may include:
    1. All consequences set forth above;
    2. Referral to Law Enforcement;
    3. Immediate termination of membership.


Delinquent accounts may result in suspension or termination of membership as set forth above.



  1. Any member or non-member may appeal a suspension, termination, or refusal of entry to the facility. All appeals shall be made in writing and submitted to the USTA PNW office.
  2. USTA PNW management will review each submission and respond in writing.



All members and non-members must check-in at the front desk prior to classes, court times, or private lessons.



Proper tennis clothing and tennis-specific, non-marking footwear must be worn on the tennis courts at all time. Cross training or running shoes or other inappropriate footwear are not permitted on the courts.



Players or visitors shall not enter the court prior to their reserved time and/or until players on the court have had the chance to finish their last point. On-court players shall promptly relinquish their court when their reserved court time ends.



  1. Players are encouraged to have an NTRP Rating on file in order to register for appropriate classes and programs.
  2. The facility will use current verified USTA ratings for all players.
  3. Alternatively, players may schedule a 15-minute evaluation with a facility Tennis Pro. Tennis Pro lesson rates may apply.
  4. The instructional staff reserves the right to make appropriate placement adjustments as they determine at anytime.


  1. Members may reserve courts 7 days in advance by logging into their online account and selecting an available court, by in-person sign-up at the front desk, or make a call-in reservation with the front desk.
  2. Child(ren) 12 years and younger, may make a court reservation, but must be accompanied by an adult on the court.
  3. Courts are reserved on a first come, first served basis.
  4. Confirmed reservations are instantaneous and are considered permanent at time of booking.
  5. There is a 24-hour cancellation policy for all reserved courts. Court(s) canceled less than 24 hours prior to the reserved time will be charged the full court fee.
  6. “No-shows” will not be refunded.
  7. “Walk on” opportunities for non-members will be allowed within 48 hours of a court time, by in-person sign-up at the front desk, by the online registration system, or by phone call. Payment is required upon check-in.
  8. Court reservations are limited to a maximum of 4 players at a time. Court fees are divided by the amount of players plus applicable guest fee per person for non-members.
  9. USTA League warm-up courts may be reserved only as a “doubles court” and are limited to a maximum of six players at a time. (Warm-up courts are courts reserved prior to a match on the same day.)
  10. Players shall provide their own tennis balls and are limited to a maximum of 6 tennis balls per court.
  11. Private or group lessons by persons other than the USTA PNW facility Tennis Pros are prohibited.



Tennis blocks are currently unavailable for purchase.




  1. USTA PNW reserve the right to cancel any class or program.
  2. USTA PNW reserve the right to alter or vary a group due to skill level, scheduling conflicts, and/or court allocations.
  3. USTA PNW reserve the right to move players to different classes if it deems necessary or appropriate.
  4. Late registrations are allowed on a space available basis only and may be placed on a wait list.
  5. Participants must check-in at the front desk and remit payment for any Programs, Group Activities, or classes before being allowed on court.
  6. Make-up classes/refunds:
    1. Classes must be canceled 48-hours in advance. Any cancellations made less than the specified time frame will not be eligible for a refund or reschedule. No calls and no shows are not eligible for a refund.
    2. Programs must be canceled 48-hours prior to the FIRST class of the monthly session. You will receive a full refund for the program if requested within this time frame.
    3. There is no make-up policy for missed classes. There are no partial refunds or credits issued for a missed class within a program.
    4. There are no substitutions allowed if you miss a class within a program.
  7. Drop-in Policy for Programs:
    1. If a class is not at capacity, drop-ins may register for and join the class immediately. Otherwise, if a class is at capacity a drop-in may add their name to the waiting list (first come, first serve). Upon the expiration of a 10 minute waiting period those on the waiting list may register and join the class if there is space available. Players will not be allowed onto the court without first signing in at the front desk and receiving staff authorization.
    2. 20% drop-in fee will be applied
    3. Players should contact the front desk if they will be more than 10 minutes late to class;
    4. Players wishing to drop-in must sign their name on the drop-in waiting list at the front desk (first come, first served). Players will not be allowed onto the court without first signing in at the front desk and receiving staff authorization.
  8. Group Activities and Drop-In Classes
    1. It is recommended to pre-register for Group Activities and Drop-In classes via your member portal, over the phone or in person.
    2. Those that pay the registration fee ahead of time will have their spot guaranteed. Please continue to check in at the front desk upon arrival.
    3. Drop-ins day of will need to check in with the front desk to confirm availability.
    4. If a class is not at capacity, you may join the class immediately at a first come, first serve basis. Otherwise, if a class is full you will add your name to the waiting list.
    5. Upon the expiration of a 10 minute waiting period those on the waiting list may register and join the class if there is space available. Players will not be allowed onto the court without first signing in at the front desk and receiving staff authorization.
    6. Group Activities or Drop-In Classes must be canceled 24-hours in advance. You will received an account credit if notice is received within this time frame.



  1. Private lessons must be booked through USTA PNW instructional staff only or directly via the online registration system.
  2. Private lessons are booked individually or can be customized for small groups at the discretion of the instructor.
  3. Any private lesson cancellation(s) must be done at least 24 hours in advance.
  4. “No-shows” and late cancellations will be charged the full lesson fee.



  1. Ball machines are available for rent on a first-come, first-served basis by one to four members, and may be reserved online or by contacting the front desk.
  2. To ensure the safety of players, first-time ball machine users must receive assistance/training from a staff member prior to use.
  3. Ball machine use by child(ren) 12 years and younger is prohibited unless otherwise cleared by a staff member or accompanied by an adult.
  4. If the ball machine is out of operation during a ball machine court rental, the ball machine portion of rental will be refunded. If the ball machine was rented for use by one member and the court is therefore not used, then the full court fee will be refunded.
  5. There is a 24-hour cancellation policy for all ball machine reservations. Reservations canceled less than 24 hours prior to the reserved time will be charged for the full “singles court” and ball machine fee.



  1. Tournaments will be scheduled and played at the USTA PNW facility.
  2. Schedules for tournaments will be announced in advance of the event.
  3. All tournament players must check-in with the Tournament Director prior to participating in the event.
  4. Tournament players will be allowed full access to the tennis facility during a tournament



Members will receive an online account to manage tennis court reservations, group and private lessons, classes, and special events.



  1. Members will have a debit or credit card on file to pay for their tennis activities at the time of booking. Other payment options may be available.
  2. Court rentals: The person whose name the initial court reservation is made under (the host) is responsible for payment of the full court fee. Payment is required at time of booking.
  3. Classes: Payment is required at the time of registration.
  4. Guest fees: Payment shall be made when prompted, either at time of booking or in-person.



  1. Members who have not paid their annual fees for membership will have their accounts suspended until such fees have been paid.
  2. Members with outstanding balances older than 30 days will have their memberships suspended until the member’s account has been brought current and any outdated billing information has been updated.
  3. Members with delinquent accounts will be unable to enroll in classes and private lessons, reserve courts, or play in leagues or tournaments. Once the account has been brought current, all suspended services will be reactivated.
  4. Members who bring current their delinquent accounts should call the front desk to confirm their membership rights have been reactivated.



  1. Refunds are granted only under the following circumstances:
    1. If a member has unintentionally enrolled in the wrong program or has been removed from the program based on skill level;
    2. If inclement weather or other natural event forces an outdoor court unplayable or requires closure of facility;
    3. Player injury when accompanied with a doctor’s note.
  2. Refunds may be prorated based on program completion if applicable.
  3. There are no refunds for annual member or initiation fees.



All fees may be adjusted at any time as determined by USTA PNW management.



  1. Special events have priority over court reservations or regularly scheduled activities.
  2. Special events are organized, sponsored or approved by the facility and includes, but are not limited to: i. Tournaments;
    1. USTA League matches;
    2. USTA Jr. Team Tennis matches;
    3. Corporate events;
    4. Social mixer events.


Schools, colleges or other entities that have entered into an agreement for usage of facility and their players, coaches and personnel are subject to all rules of conduct and behavior set forth herein.



  1. A membership may be terminated by management at any time due to a violation of any rules and regulations set forth herein or any conduct or behavior, which, in the opinion of the USTA PNW is detrimental to the safety, welfare, or harmony of the facility.
  2. Any person who, in the USTA PNW’s judgment, damages the facilities or engages in any inappropriate behavior, will be subject to immediate consequences up to and including removal from the premises without refund of any paid fees.

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