Junior Programs

Junior Programs

At Galbraith Tennis Center, we offer a variety of programs tailored for the long-term development of junior players. Our coaches are committed to growing the person, player, and athlete in a dynamic environment.

Our programs include athletic development activities with appropriate modern teaching techniques and equipment to lay the foundation for future success. In our programs, players will be challenged, develop a passion for the sport, and most importantly, have FUN!

If you have additional questions about which level is best for your child, email gtc@pnw.usta.com to schedule a 15-minute evaluation (*fees may apply). In your message please include your child’s name, age and prior experience.

Below is a list of current junior programs. For additional info, including class days, times, and instructors, and/or to register, click the “Register” link that corresponds with the class you’re interested in. You will be taken to our online portal.

Ages 5 and Under


An introduction to tennis for children as young as age four. We provide appropriate sized nets, racquets, and balls to help build confidence within the game. We’ll focus on teaching your tot the ABC’s of tennis (agility, balance, and coordination) while also fostering healthy mental, physical, and emotional growth. Tots will learn movement, balance, and coordination, and most importantly, they will have FUN!

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Ages 10 and Under

Red Ball 1.0

For players 5-8 and under who are new to tennis. Red ball tennis is named after the red foam or felt balls that are used at this stage. Red tennis balls bounce lower and move more slowly through the air, giving beginning players a chance to set up and take a good swing at the ball. Courts at this level are 36' x 18', with a net that is 2'9" high. We’ll focus on developing of the ABC’s of tennis (agility, balance and coordination) while introducing proper technique that will enable these young players to rally.

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Orange Ball 1.0

For players ages 7-10 with little or no experience. Once comfortable at the Red level, players graduate to playing at the Orange level. Orange felt balls bounce higher and move faster than the Red felt or foam balls but lower and slower than the Green ball. They are a step toward the traditional yellow tennis ball while still remaining fun and manageable for players learning the game. Players will continue to work on tennis fundamentals in addition to learning to hit with direction, height, and depth on a smaller court. We’ll focus on the fundamentals necessary to serve and rally using a game-based curriculum and continue to develop the athletic skills essential to the sport.

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Orange Ball 1.0/2.0

For those students starting to transition from Orange Ball 1.0 It is ideal for players 7-10 who have been through a 1.0 class. Players will understand the lines of the 60' court and be able to call the ball in or out. Players will be familiar with all shots and be able to use the fundamentals of their ground strokes to rally. We'll work on improving directional control, construction doubles and singles points and strengthening the serve. Players must be respectful to players and coaches and have experience playing with the orange ball.

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Ages 14 and Under

Green Ball 1.0

A progression from Orange Ball and an introductory program for players ages 9-13. Players will build athletic fundamentals by learning proper footwork and racquet mechanics. At this level, players will be able to use a full-sized court and a net that’s only slightly lower than Yellow Ball. We’ll focus on teaching the basics of rallying, serving, and keeping score.

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Yellow Ball 1.0

For intermediate players ages 11-14 who have established the fundamentals of Green Ball 1.0 and can rally and serve using a standard yellow tennis ball, and keep score. Focus is on doubles and singles positioning and tactics utilized in match play. Players at this level will be encouraged to commence tournament play. The Yellow level is what most people know as traditional tennis. The balls, courts and racquets at this level are used in the majority of adult matches and at the professional level.

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Green Ball 2.0

For intermediate level players. Players will focus on stroke mechanics with spin, height, depth, direction and pace of shots. Through different singles and doubles games, players will learn to apply the correct footwork and tactics for different types of points.

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Ages 18 and Under

High School 1.0

For high school players will little or no tennis experience. Players will learn the skills necessary to play on a high school team. Focus is on how to serve, rally, and keep score. This is a great opportunity for any teen interested in learning to play tennis.

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Academy 1.0

For advanced level juniors who play tournaments and/or are pursuing a ranking. Players participating in this high-intensity program should be committed to working on speed and agility, mental toughness, and undergoing the rigors of a player development program. Academy 1.0 is by invitation only.

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High School 2.0

For intermediate level high school players looking to advance their skills by additional play opportunities and more on-court experience. We’ll focus on doubles and singles positioning and tactics utilized in match play.

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Academy 2.0

For advanced level juniors who are pursuing a ranking and want to reach the highest level of play possible. Players should possess the desire and commitment to undergo the rigors of a player development program. Players at this level are expected to play two tournaments a month.

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High School Match Play

This is a drop-in class for high school players looking for additional competitive play. Players are randomly paired and rotated every 30 minutes. Players are expected to be able to rally with directional control at a medium pace to participate.

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High School Intermediate Girls Clinic

For girls playing junior varsity tennis looking to advance to varsity. Heavy focus on doubles tactics, rallying skills and net play. You’ll receive direction on technique and footwork while also learning to hit the ball with depth, direction, and control at a medium pace. This is a great opportunity to practice volleys, groundstrokes, and doubles court positioning before the start of high school season.

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Junior Development Training

This class is for players who want to gain more point play experience and develop winning strategies for the jump to Tournament play. Junior Development will focus on fitness, stroke production, play patterns as well as winning strategies in singles and doubles match play. Players will be put into situations that will mentally test them and force them to take advantage of the best strategic option!

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