High School Summer Tennis Camps

High School Summer Tennis Camps

Our High School summer camp series is designed for players ages 14-18 who currently play tennis and are looking to hone their skills needed for high school tennis teams. Players will be divided into levels based on age and the 3 categories below. Players can also move between categories throughout camp to ensure all participants are challenged in the best possible way.

Are you in high school, aged 14-16, but no experience playing tennis? We’ve got you covered. Sign up for our Youth Summer Tennis Camp and you will be placed in the “Yellow Ball” program.

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High School 1.0

for high school players with limited tennis experience. Players will learn the skills necessary to play on a high school team. Focus is on how to serve, rally, and keep score. This is a great opportunity for any teen interested in learning to play tennis.

High School 2.0

for intermediate level high school players looking to advance their skills by additional play opportunities and more on-court experience. We’ll focus on doubles and singles positioning and tactics utilized in match play.

High School 3.0

for advanced level high school players looking for additional play opportunities. This high-intensity program is ideal for high school varsity players competing in tournaments.