Congratulations Connor! 🎾


This summer, Connor attended the Rafa Nadal Camp in Seattle. This annual Camp is hosted, around the country, in major cities for approximately 1,400 students. 

56 of the 1,400 students are selected and invited to a special program, set up just for them, in Spain. The trip is held twice a year, in November and June.

The first 3 days of the camp will take place in Barcelona, where players will train at the EMT Camp*. This camp has produced over 60 top tennis players, many of whom come to the US and receive full-ride scholarships.

After the 3 days in Barcelona, students will fly to Mallorca to train and live at the famous Rafa Nadal Academy for 7 days! They will work with the best coaches in Spain and top junior players from around the world. Many of the junior players attend the academy full time.

Connor is beyond excited – we are too!

Some fun facts about Connor:

  • He started playing when he was about 9 & came to VTC about 18 months ago.
  • He wants to go to a D1 college & play at ASU.
  • His favorite players are Carlos Alcaraz & Jack Draper.
  • He loves all the coaches at VTC but has a strong bond with Pat, who has really taken him under his wing (who doesn’t love Pat?)
  • He attends Camas Online School so he can play more tennis.
  • He plays & trains an astonishing 15-20 hours a week, in addition to going to the gym to be in top physical shape for the trip!
  • Connor and his family will be flying off to Spain from June 28 to July 7, 2024.

Congratulations Connor! We are so excited & proud of you! Don’t forget to send us lots of pictures!


*ETM is one of the most successful tennis academies in Barcelona in terms of player development. José Diaz founded EMT Academyn20 years ago, the academy has developed and currently trains and manages professional players such as Alberto Ramos (#40 ATP) and Lorenzo Giustino (#225 ATP). The academy has also placed over the years more than 60 players with full scholarships in the top US colleges.